Reversible Flag/Streak of Lightning Quilt, C. 1890's


This double sided quilt has two patterns that are completely different. One side has a creative version of an American flag with 44 stars. For the most part, they are placed in even rows but one is squeezed on an edge and another placed by itself on one of the red stripes. It's a mystery as to why it was placed outside the canton. The American flag had 44 stars for five years beginning July 4, 1891. The forty fourth star was included for the admission of Wyoming into the Union on July 4, 1890. The reverse side of the quilt is a Streak of Lightning with embroidered patterns in each of the white blocks as well as the wide border.I have never seen the Lightning pattern combined with embroidery. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. It is tied with red ribbons on the white ground and red ribbons on the white.

Measurements are 76 x 84in / 193 x 213cm






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