Palais d'Hiver Scented Candle

by Astier de Villatte - scent/stationery

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Astier de Villatte’s Palais d’Hiver scented candle evokes the grandeur of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Conjuring up the atmosphere of sun filtering through tall windows, illuminating intricate stucco and gilded ballrooms, this candle is inspired by the sumptuous façade of the Palais d’Hiver emerging from icy morning mist. The air is imbued with the scent of the tsarinas: an exuberance of musky patchouli mixed with the delicious perfume of white flowers.

100% natural, without paraffin, GMOs or petrochemical by-products
Glass container is hand-blown in Tuscany, Italy. 
Burn time approximately 60 hours
9cm x 9cm x 10cm (3.5" x 3.5" x 4")
Astier de Villatte, founded in 1996, is a Parisian-based artisanal workshop. Specialising in unique and utterly French homeware. The company has been praised for its milky white ceramics, scented candles, and distinctive incense. The brand has been able to set itself apart from others with its meticulous crafting techniques, cherished in homes across the globe. These durable ceramics and the studio’s distinctive scent collection are the work of the studio's longstanding efforts to preserve and modernise the art of French manufacturing traditions.  More items from Astier de Villatte - scent/stationery

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