Baroque Letter Holder, "Tête à Tête" (Green with Pink)

by Scanlon Apparati


 Made to Order ONLY, 4 weeks for delivery

 The Baroque Letter Holders are cut and shaped by hand then decorated in the fashion of the legendary scrapbooks of the twentieth century in a collage of watercolours, photographs, and enduring illustrations. 

Tête-à-tête:  A tribute to bulb planting; the artist’s uprooted and sketched daffodils, A. Marshal’s 17th C. Flowers, garden tools from Diderot’s Encyclopedia, and a ca. 1855 folly by Victor Petit. 

Cartonnage, diorama, decoupage, silhouette, and gouache; these are the classic techniques used to bench-make each piece of Scanlon Apparati by Beth Scanlon.

Her work is influenced by a personal and romantic interpretation of Seventeenth Century Baroque decorations created with coloured paper and canvas called Apparati.  The aim of historical Apparati was to transform a very familiar space into a stage for celebration. Scanlon Apparati aims to entertain with smaller Apparati. All of the materials are new, some have a storied history.  The pieces derive a timeless charm through meticulous craftsmanship.   The desired effect remains...theatrical, ephemeral, architectural… yet with a functional use. 

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