Vintage "God Speed The Plough" Mug

by Cutter Brooks Vintage


For many generations cider formed part of the way of life among farming communities over a wide area of the West Country. Cider was made on individual farms and was stored in large wooden casks each holding up to 100 gallons or more. The cider was drunk from traditional cider mugs of varying design and capacity with one, two or three handles. The 'Farmers Arms' mugs bear an agricultural theme and were used extensively in the cider drinking areas of the West of England almost two centuries ago. The two handles serve for passing the mug from one person to another in the friendly atmosphere of the cider cellar. Later versions have been adapted to more traditional mug or cup shapes. 

The mugs were produced in England by many companies such as Burgess and Leigh, Burleigh Pottery, Leeds Pottery and Wade Potteries as early as the 17th century and up until 1981.

Styles and designs vary but each mug features the God Speed the Plough poem in the back.

Personally sourced and selected items from various fairs, markets and shops around Europe. 

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