Rosemead Opal Necklace


IVARENE's Rosemead handmade necklace in pink Opal with drop opal beads from Peru with a 14k gold infinity clasp.

Each piece is handmade in 28 carats with 14K gold filled 'Infinity' Gold clasp.

Dimensions-  40 cm / 15.7" 

Pink Opal is the stone of tears, but also the stone of hope. It is associated with love, passion, and would be a healing support for emotional suffering. It promotes acceptance and self-love, eliminating complexes, inhibitions, and helping to calm our demands and our excessive search for perfection. It softens and makes it positive. It encourages sincerity, cordiality and friendship.

The Pink Opal Stone will also work with you to abandon past emotional trauma. This will relieve your grief and feeling of loss, and help you heal in your heart and mind.


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