Baroque Letter Holder, "Bunny’s Trompe L’Oeil"

by Scanlon Apparati


The Baroque Letter Holders are cut and shaped by hand then decorated in the fashion of the legendary scrapbooks of the twentieth century in a collage of watercolours, photographs, and enduring illustrations. 

Bunny’s Trompe l’oeil:  Clips from Abraham Munting’s Phytographia Curiosa held in place with red leather straps on the back and interior. Adorning the sides are Stems of Alexander Marshal’s flowers recreating the series of pierced trompe l’oeil playing cards from Mrs. Mellon’s collection.

If not in stock, please allow two weeks for delivery. 


13.5 x 9cm / 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Cartonnage, diorama, decoupage, silhouette, and gouache; these are the classic techniques used to bench-make each piece of Scanlon Apparati by Beth Scanlon.

Her work is influenced by a personal and romantic interpretation of Seventeenth Century Baroque decorations created with coloured paper and canvas called Apparati.  The aim of historical Apparati was to transform a very familiar space into a stage for celebration. Scanlon Apparati aims to entertain with smaller Apparati. All of the materials are new, some have a storied history.  The pieces derive a timeless charm through meticulous craftsmanship.   The desired effect remains...theatrical, ephemeral, architectural… yet with a functional use. 

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