Bonview Malachite/Lapis Necklace


IVARENE's Bonview handmade Necklace in Malachite and natural Lapis lazuli gemstone with 23 smooth stones in 'drop' shape measuring 7 x 6 to 11 x 6 mm and 34 pearls.

Each piece is handmade in 50 carats with 14K gold filled 'Infinity' Gold clasp.

Dimensions-  44cm / 17.3" 

Malachite- Malachite makes it possible to initiate transformations, it promotes change and risk-taking. On a daily basis, wearing the Malachite Stone harmonises your relationships with others. The negative and polluting waves will be absorbed by the Malachite. Malachite is a stone that facilitates the expression of feelings. It's green colour inspires hope and serenity. It improves self-confidence, reassures and develops the positive energy of its wearer who inevitably gains in confidence and self-esteem.It fights against depression by radiating powerful positive waves.

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