Corolla Gold Veronese Tablecloth

by Lisa Corti

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Printed cotton cushion cover, printed using an ancient block-printing technique.

Washing instructions: 30° washing machine, do not soak.


Available in four sizes: 

- 140 cm x 240 cm () (does not include in pink border*)

- 220 x 220cm 

- 180 cm x 270cm 

- 180cm x 350cm 

Every fabric, every pattern and every detail is studied and created by Lisa Corti in Italy before being made up in India by specialist craftsmen. Cotton is woven on the spinning wheel until forming a virtually impalpable thread that is then dyed and hand-woven on wooden looms. Then each material is worked using the ancient manual blockprint technique on fabric. Each of the carved wooden blocks is dipped in a different colour and pressed onto the fabric; the pattern is formed in this way with a slow and precise layering technique. Like any hand-crafted process, block printing is subject to inevitable “imperfections” that actually increase the appeal of the finished product. More items from Lisa Corti
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