Elston Bracelet


IVARENE's Elston handmade Bracelet Each piece is unique and handmade, with the greatest respect for the jewelry tradition.

Hand selected precious and semi-precious stones then delicately tied them on a nylon and silk cord which guarantees you great resistance.

Each piece is handmade with 14K gold filled 'Infinity' Gold clasp.

Dimensions-  17cm/6.7"

Garnet - Provides joy and strength to live, energy, courage, driving force and assurance. It is associated with the power of will, a better self-confidence and success. The garnet stone is thus a strong anchor stone. Garnet is attributed with the power to free oneself from negative behavioural patterns and the power of regeneration, to help combat discouragement, sadness, failure and emotional instability. The stone promotes self-respect and also helps to face obstacles or a feeling of persecution. 

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