"Foxes", Large Plate

by 1690 Ceramics


A large hand-built terracotta dish, decorated in white slip and sgraffito. 

"Once, in a wood I was fortunate to see two foxes having supper - both dogs. Their table was laid with crisp linen, bright silver and white china. They drank soup (I think it was Vichyssoise) looking at each other. It was quiet there except for the chink chink of the spoons against the bowls. They’re in love, I thought, and with their copper pelt and whiskers made quite the snappy couple. I left them noiselessly, beneath the canopy. A brush with romance.”

36cm / 15in diameter

Made to order. Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

All 1690 pieces are made-to-order and therefore non-refundable. 


Please email info@cutterbrooks.com to purchase
Artist and designer Sophie Wilson lived in London for several years before moving to the Fens in Lincolnshire with her children. A dilapidated Manor House dating back to 1551 is their home, and from the kitchen table she produces 1690 Ceramics; a range of handsome, hand-built terracotta dishes, decorated in white slip and sgraffito. More items from 1690 Ceramics
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