Fuchsia Side Plate

by Nicholas Mosse


Beautiful Fuchsia side plates from Nicholas Mosse add a touch of elegance to any event, regardless of the occasion. The designs perfectly complement the range of pottery plates, making them the perfect excuse to add to your collection! After all, each piece is carefully handcrafted at our Pottery in Ireland to ensure they’re both beautiful and long-lasting. The Fuchsia Pattern is a truly eye-catching floral design, full of intricate details.are versatile. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand in our Irish Pottery, to create beautiful tableware that can stand the test of time. This makes the pottery plates perfect for any occasion, from serving breakfast to your family, using for a quick lunch, or even presenting the main course at an intimate dinner.

The Fuchsia Pattern is incredibly detailed, creating an instantly eye-catching design.

Dimensions:    19 cm dia(7.5" dia)

What is made with love and care emanates love and care. That is the essence of what Nicholas Mosse is about, that’s what they truly believe, and that, they believe, is why this pottery means so much to people. Nick and his team, still to this day, make every single piece of pottery they produce by hand.
They apply patterns using an age old tradition dating back to the 18th century. Using cut sponges, they individually sponge dab the patterns onto each piece of pottery. In fact every piece of Nicholas Mosse undergoes a 20 step, handmade process. and Nick personally trains every individual decorator that works at Nicholas Mosse.
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