Kantha Quilt Pot Holder

by Mahnee Titus


Made by hand in the Cotswolds from Kantha quilts hand-picked carefully by Amanda from India. This pot holder is completely unique.

Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm (7.5" x 7.5")


"My name is Mahnee Shawananoak Titus.  I was born on an Indian Reservation, but was raised in The Bay Area of Northern California.  I spent most of my summers on my grandmother’s land, a Shoshone Reservation in western Nevada, where she began teaching me sewing and beadwork at an early age.  

Growing up, my father was an avid collector of antiques and most of our furniture, toys and clothing came from yard sales and antique fairs. My love of art, textiles and craftwork probably started before my memory can recall.  

My culture demands a respect for all living things and a deep understanding of “no waste”, using or reusing as much as you can and the way that practical things can also be beautiful. This is something I’ve carried with me and bleeds into all areas of my life and the things that I make.  Working with sustainable, handmade and vintage textiles is a joy and extremely important to me". 

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