Looped Sisal Placemats (Indigo & Red)

by Gone Rural by Gone Rural


Handmade in Swaziland

Exclusive to Cutter Brooks

Gone Rural provides fair and sustainable income to over 780 skilled women weavers across 52 communities in Swaziland. These women are talented artisans, breadwinners, and businesswomen who use their home-based work with Gone Rural to overcome some of the challenges of rural living and enhance the lives of their families and communities. Since 2009, the weavers have elected leaders from each of their groups to sit on a Rural Artisan Board. This tier of leadership is involved in aspects of the company and is specifically tasked with representing the needs and interests of the artisans. Gone Rural's weavers are the inspiration behind many of our signature pieces, illustrating their leadership, strength, creativity, and family values. Many of our groups are multi-generational, with intricate weaving skills passed down from mother to daughter. The women are constantly challenged with new patterns, shapes, and designs to weave, making Gone Rural the innovative company that it is.  More items from Gone Rural More items from Gone Rural
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