Mojave Necklace


IVARENE's Harper handmade necklace in turquoise stone, natural freshwater stones with 23 beads measuring 10 x 7 mm.

Each piece is handmade in 30 carats with 14K gold filled 'Infinity' Gold clasp.

Dimensions-  44 cm / 17.3" 

The Turquoise Stone allows you to soothe yourself and calm all forms of anger. It also helps increase empathy. Turquoise will develop fulfillment, letting go, and thus promote expression with others through communication and listening. Turquoise stone strengthens love and friendship. The Turquoise Stone helps on a psychological level and in this sense, the renewed confidence allows you to develop communication with others. Empathy is there. The mood is stabilized, anger subsides and inner calm sets in. Turquoise thus avoids changing moods randomly and without reason. It fights against fatigue, against contrasting moods invested under impulse.



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