Mouth Blown Green Glasses

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Made in Syria. All the glass is mouth-blown and 100% recycled.

The hand-crafted nature of the pieces may result in slight differences in size and colours.


SALAHEDDIN is a fair-trade company importing Syrian Craftsmanship that was created in 2004 in order to build a long-lasting relationship with artisans from Damascus, Alep and other towns of Syria.

Those are the artisans we met in our 2-years staying in Syria (2000 - 2001) while we were studying Arab at Damascus University first and then traveling to Alep.

When we came back to France, we were faced with the question of keeping the precious relationships we tied up over there and the answer was creating Salaheddin.

With them, we defined a way for working respecting fair-trade principles with the aim of reselling their work pieces with prices corresponding to the ethics of the project.

That allowed the artisans to find a new market other than their local one, and gave them a new vision of the work they were carrying out granting them new value and appreciation.

After 7 years of war, damages are irreversible, but we are keeping the hope that eventually we will find all those that started the project and without whom Salaheddin could have never existed.

Jean-François Vaillant

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