Oak Leaf and Acorn Linen Tablecloth

by Bertozzi

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Our Quercina Oak Leaf and Acorn tablecloths are hand-painted and block-printed in Italy to our own design from 100% linen. Available in various sizes. 


Stamperia Bertozzi is a three-generation Italian family business famous for their stand on mono block-printed linens. Bertozzi's spectacular colours derive from vegetable basses, concocted from secret recipes passed down through the generations. Founded in 1920, the company now employs a collection of over 20 artisans to complete the hand made process. 

Situated in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, the Bertozzi workshop in Gambettola addresses environmental sustainability and innovation by utilising renewable energies. they also design their products to follow a made-to-order process, eliminating the excess waste of overstocked products. 

Fabrics are treated with eco-friendly processes and research in environmentally friendly dyes is constantly carried out. The integrity in design is palpable from Bertozzi, imbuing their earth and exquisite products with a simple yet refined touch. 

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