Small Peggy Candlestick


Restoring the ancestral systems of moulding and stamping, the peggy candlestick is made using techniques from the Middle Ages which involve moulding a sheet of handmade clay, double firing the ‘biscuit’ piece and glazing the product in white enamel – a lengthy process that requires a drying time of up to one month. With a distinctive six-point star shape, raised rim and platinum-plated interior, the plate is engraved with the brand’s signature crest – depicting an interlacing A & V – alongside the initials of one of the 40 master artisans who created it. Each handmade piece tells a beautiful story, romancing and imparting a sense of nostalgia into its owner. Display it with additional ceramic pieces from the collection to breathe an air of authenticity into your table setting.

Dimensions: 10 cm × 5 cm × 2.5 cm / 4" x 1.9" x 1"

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