Smoking Cotton Jacket, Khaki Bronze


Belted piped cotton-herringbone jacket

Eugène Le Moult had the original smoking jacket made to wear on the ocean-liner, and to avoid tobacco on his suit, or pyjama.

100% Southern-Indian Cotton from fields sustainably growing cotton for the Roman Empire since 35AD. Woven as Herringbone-Thick in nearby villages to P.Le Moultdesigns, sewn up the coast in Bombay in the workshop of close friends that the family has been producing with since the early 1970s. 

Cuts from 1900-1950, originally designed for the adventurer Eugène Le Moult. Rereleased in contemporary styles. 

Unisex for ladies and gents / sizes run from 1 - 4

Size guide: 

1: Women's S 

2: Women's M, Men's S

3: Women's L, Men's M

4: Women's XL, Men's L 

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