The John Derian Sticker Book

by John Derian


A note from John Derian about this book-

"The images in this sticker book are from my ever-growing personal archive. I would say roughly 80 percent of them were found without any identifying details about the artist or source, but almost all the images here are prints that came from various eighteenth-and nineteenth-century natural history books. In 2016 I published a collection of these images in my first book, John Derian Picture Book. This book is a revised version of the original, but now hundreds of the images have been turned into stickers, which you will find on every other spread. 

I hope you have fun with the all the stickers I have created - and all the colourful pages to sticker in between. 

Enjoy, John Derian"

Decoupage is the art of cutting and gluing paper images to surfaces. John Derian, an avid collector of antique fruit, flower, and animal prints, hand paints borders and patterns over centuries-old ledgers and letters. He combines all these elements into charmingly eccentric collages, which are reprinted and pieced together in layers under glass accessories. His ever-expanding collection includes plates, platters, paperweights, lamps, tabletops, umbrella stands, vases and shadow boxes.

John Derian's designs are handmade in his studio in New York and prized by collectors around the world.

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