Star Valet Tray

by Scanlon Apparati


The smallest of paper scraps accumulate throughout the year in a large shallow box in the Scanlon Apparati studio closet. When October arrives it's time to make the stars. It is said to be as satisfying as it is time consuming to use all the paper and board to wrap up a year's work. Each Star valet tray is 19 cuts of bookbinder's board and 26 cuts of Italian paper.

Dimensions: 21cm x 5cm (8.2" x 2")


Cartonnage, diorama, decoupage, silhouette, and gouache; these are the classic techniques used to bench-make each piece of Scanlon Apparati by Beth Scanlon.

Her work is influenced by a personal and romantic interpretation of 17th-century Baroque decorations created with coloured paper and canvas called Apparati. The aim of historical Apparati was to transform a very familiar space into a stage for celebration. Scanlon Apparati aims to entertain with smaller Apparati. All of the materials are new, some have a storied history. The pieces derive a timeless charm through meticulous craftsmanship. The desired effect remains theatrical, ephemeral, architectural, yet with functional use. 

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