La Carlière Haute Cushions

"La Carlière" is the name of a collection of highly desirable cushions designed by Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud. After working for more than 25 years in fashion design, Copping and Rigaud decided to turn their creative energies to their other passion for home and interiors. Inspired by their 15th Century Manor house in Normandy, from which the name of the collection is derived, the cushions are a reflection of their surroundings. Combining antique needlepoint, vintage textiles and historically-inspired embroideries the product is opulent, supercharged and unique, and are produced in limited editions or as one-off pieces. "We enjoy mixing and playing with fabrics to see what works - it is almost like creating a dress!" Copping says. As indulgent as the creative process may be, Peter and Rambert both have an eye for sustainability. The cushions are made locally in Normandy, fillings are cruelty-free using a material recycled from plastic bottles, organic striped cottons are often used for the reverse side and embroideries are executed only with certified ateliers in India. One last touch, all cushions come in their own multi-purpose drawstring bag.