Discovery Set - Five Eaux de Cologne

by Astier de Villatte - scent/stationery


Absolute pleasure, bursts of invigorating freshness, five Eaux de Cologne
in small 10ml glass bottles are brought together in a luxurious green box
decorated with gold clover motifs. To gift or to keep for yourself, to change
scents according to the time of day, the season, whether it’s hot or cold, day
or night.

Eau Chic: A subtle balance of white flowers, mysterious tuberose, and theskittish, intense freshness of rosemary, thyme, lemon petitgrain, and lavender.

Grand Chalet: The enchanting perfume of the lime tree that shaded the
studio of the painter Balthus. Honeyed, milky, slightly lemony scents, with a
hint of blonde wood and vanilla.

Eau Fugace: Like a flash of lightning, the incisive fusion of a cocktail of citrus
and bergamot with, as it develops on the skin, a savoury note of aromatic
herbs and patchouli, bright and clean.

Elixir: An incredible scent of wild plants, leaves and medicinal herbs,
sagebrush and lavandin. Its euphoric formula was inspired by an ancient
recipe for strength.

Splash: A whirlwind of freshness, an exuberance of bitter orange zest from
Brazil, foliage and bark from the Calabrian bergamot, precious ingredients
from the world of scents.

Astier de Villatte, founded in 1996, is a Parisian-based artisanal workshop. Specialising in unique and utterly French homeware. The company has been praised for its milky white ceramics, scented candles, and distinctive incense. The brand has been able to set itself apart from others with its meticulous crafting techniques, cherished in homes across the globe. These durable ceramics and the studio’s distinctive scent collection are the work of the studio's longstanding efforts to preserve and modernise the art of French manufacturing traditions.  More items from Astier de Villatte - scent/stationery
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