Stainless Steel Watering Can

by Le Prince Jardinier


This superb stainless steel and brass watering can is one of the emblematic articles of the Le Prince Jardinier brand. Its retro decorative shape, inspired by a 19th century model, makes it an object as beautiful as it is useful.

It has a lid adorned with the brand's crest and a removable brass sprinkler head. Its handle on the top allows you to transport it from one end of your garden to the other and the one on the side allows you to tilt it to water your plants. For both indoor and outdoor use. 

To make this object shine, dilute a little baking soda in hot water. Then using a soaked sponge, rub. Finally, rinse with clear water and dry.


Le Prince Jardinier, created by Louis Albert de Broglie in 1995 at the Château de la Bourdaisière, is a French brand inspired by the love for your garden. Louis was given the nickname of ‘Prince Gardener’ due to his passion for it. This then expanded to him designing elegant tools, furniture pieces, clothing and more, suited for your garden. In 2023 Le Prince Jardinier has continuously reinvented itself, Louis's nephew, Nicolas and his wife have joined the company to create a new identity and expand the company more. 
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