Black Gingham Cotton Tablecloth

by Tensira

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Black and off-white gingham tablecloth

Made in a small town in the republic of Guinea known for its centuries-old indigo dyeing tradition, these are completely hand-made in Africa from 100% hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-dyed cotton. 

Wash cold and line dry.

100% Cotton

Available in three sizes:
Round: 250cm x 250cm (99" x 99")
Rectangular: 180cm x 240cm (71" x 95")
XL Rectangular: 180cm x 300cm (71" x 119")

Tensira is a unique expression of centuries-old Guinean know-how of weaving and indigo dyeing mixed with Nordic design.

Founded in 2010 and inspired by an encounter between Hamidou Diallo (Guinean origin) and Tuulia Makinen Diallo (Finnish origin). Hamidou’s mother was an indigo dying artist for more than 40 years at the Prefecture of Mali in Guinea. She was the first source of inspiration.

Their core value is to promote sustainable production, respect for the environment and people, as well as guaranteeing a safe and fair work environment for all of their collaborators.

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